January 2022 Meeting – Achievements & Plans

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 4 January and will be by Zoom; login details will be circulated separately to Strut members. Any non-member wishing to join us, please let Neville or Trevor know at the email addresses on our Contact Us page.

We will stay with our usual January theme of hearing about what flying we have achieved in the past year, but as this may be a bit thin compared to previous years we would also like to hear about plans for 2022. By all means have a picture or two ready to illustrate, and Neville will pass Share Screen to you – or you can provide material to him in advance for him to act as your projectionist.

Also we would welcome your contributions on ‘I learned about flying from that’ – we tackled this subject last February, but have the impression that there may be more that could be offered. To repeat the invitation from our February meeting:

If you have any lessons learned which you would be prepared to share with our strut members (there’s no need to be embarrassed—we’ve all done something which we wish we’d rather forget) then do be prepared to say a few words about it and particularly emphasise the lessons learned. No longer than 5 minutes per incident - and often a minute or two may be enough.

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