Privacy Policy


The Bristol Strut (hereafter the “Strut”) of the Light Aircraft Association (LAA) is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of its members. This notice explains when and why personal information about our members is collected, how it is used, and member rights in respect of personal data. This notice may change from time to time in which case members will be notified. The current version will be published at and members can also request a copy.

  1. Data Processors Members’ personal data is received, held and processed by designated Strut officers: The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Data is collected on paper membership application forms by the treasurer who appends it to a digital file (the membership list) which is then distributed to the chairman and secretary. The membership application form, which includes a signature of consent, is retained on file by the treasurer.
  2. Lawful Basis The purpose of holding/processing members personal data is to maintain contact between the designated Strut officers and Strut members. Contact is in the form of newsletters and information/alert emails. It is also used to invite timely and accurate renewal of Strut membership. Furthermore the data is used to prepare anonymised statistics to the Light Aircraft Association. Consent has been received from existing Strut members and will be required of future new members.
  3. Data Transfer Members’ personal data will not be transferred to any other party unless required by law.
  4. Data Retention Each member’s personal data will be retained by the Strut for the length of time they are a Strut member (Paid Up, Honorary, or Pending). On retirement from the Strut or if membership lapses, that personal data will be deleted. Only name and status (Retired or Lapsed) will be retained. Members have the right to require total erasure of their data.
  5. Right to Object & Right of Erasure Each member has the right to withdraw consent to the Strut holding personal data at any time. As such, members have the right to require that their personal data is deleted from Strut records. The holding and processing of members’ personal data is necessary for the administration of the Strut. Accordingly in its absence or objection to its processing, an individual’s continued membership of the Strut would not be possible.
  6. Right to be Informed, Right of Data Portability & Right of Rectification At any time a member may request details of their personal data held by the Strut and to require rectification. The data will be provided free of charge as quickly as possible and in any event within one month of request. A member has the right to use the data for their own purposes. The Strut will provide each member with full details of their personal data once a year when membership is due for renewal and invite amendments.
  7. Data Security Members’ personal information will be held on password-protected computers which receive relevant security updates and are virus protected. Any distribution of information to a group of members will be by blind copy (BCC) emails.
  8. Right of Complaint Strut members have the right to complain to the LAA if they believe that the integrity of their personal data has been compromised.
  9. Personal data held by the Strut is limited to the following:
     Surname
     Forename
     Name of family member (when applicable)
     Mail address with postcode
     Email Address
     Home telephone number
     Mobile telephone number
     LAA Membership Number (LAA membership is not compulsory for Strut membership)
     Date joined strut
     Renewal month
     Membership status (Paid up, Honorary, Pending, Retired, Lapsed)