A selection of links to useful weather sites.

The Big Picture

Orbifly – A stunning map based site covering the whole of Europe and beyond. Select TAF/Metars from the top and hover your mouse over an airfield. Select London or English channel maps on the left for a bigger view.

UK Weather

Here are just a few of our favourites:

Met office aviation service – Free registration required but it’s where every UK pilot looks first.

Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction – A gliding website that will tell you more about the weather than you want to know!

Weatherweb – A very good site managed by acclaimed meteorologist Simon Kealing.

UK Forecast – Not Aviation specific but lots of info there if you dig down.

Forecast – Select “rain” and run your cursor down the timeline to get a good appreciation of the movement of weather for the next 3 days.

Meteoblue – 7-day forecast, outline for 14 days; now with a useful vertical cloud profile.

XCWeather – Dynamic weather site. Hover over an area for information.

Weatheronline – Used by Forecasters – a lot of info if you dig down

Metcheck – Another nicely presented and deep site.

Weather in Europe

Many of these sites work well for the UK too:

SAT24 – Some good Satellite images. Visual show cloud cover, IR shows cloud thickness.

Dutch Prognosis – Some nice forecast charts for the week ahead.