‘Annual’ Skittles Match

At last the much deferred skittles match took place at BAWA on 2nd November.
There were almost an equal number of attendees from LAA and BAC so only
one person obliged by moving teams to even things up.

This was the first time we had used the new skittle alley at BAWA (which was
installed during the 2020 lockdown) and it proved to be a really suitable and
well laid out venue. They provided a sumptuous buffet, suiting all dietary needs and we made good use of the bar, which was only outside the ally.

Past matches have seen the LAA on the losing side and we didn’t break that
tradition! But this year were only 10 points behind the victorious BAC team—
who of course justifiably gloated about their continuing successful record!
Next year will be ours chaps…..